Velopetta design renders

Here are some quick rendered views of the now almost complete Velopetta design. The windscreen riser is still missing, and the soft-top is still to come.

The timber hoop behind the driver acts as a roll bar, but will also facilitate the attachment of the soft-top.

Both front and rear lights have been added. The front lights will include both low and high beam, and indicators, in the same unit. Efficient LED bulbs, of course.  A pull handle has also been added – especially useful because the Velopetta does not have reverse. A target weight of 45kg means pulling or even lifting the rear of the vehicle shouldn’t be difficult.

Although there is actually a huge amount of internal storage (both in the front and the rear) a luggage rack has been added.  The rack is a stylish combination of timber and aluminium, and will allow suitcases, boxes or the obligatory picnic basket for the promo shots to be attached with cords or tie downs.

The first few images show the vehicle painted white, which very nicely offsets the darker timber.

In reality it is unlikely that the prototype will be painted, so the last render shows more like how it would look in its natural carbon fibre finish.

Velopetta painted white - 3/4 rear view

Velopetta painted white - 3/4 front view

Velopetta painted white - side with door open

Velopetta in unpainted carbon fibre