Introducing Velopetta

After the difficulty faced in trying to get the v2 certified for road use (which meant legally registering as a moped), we started to rethink the concept.

Our vision is to create hand-built artisan electric vehicles, with attention to detail, quality materials, and with style – with soul. Whichever direction we go, this won’t change.

But did we want to start again and build another prototype from heavier, motor-vehicle approved parts in order to comply with legal requirements? If we passed in New Zealand, would we be guaranteed of passing in others? USA? Europe?

Other questions also emerged – especially after many hours of riding and commuting in all sorts of weather. Could we achieve better weather protection? Could we make cycle commuting more comfortable and even more enjoyable?

Researching the answers to those questions led to the next evolution of the V-Electric vehicle –

Introducing the Velopetta.

A micro-car style, electric-assisted pedal vehicle, legally classified as a bicycle in most countries around the world.

Micro-car history aficionado’s will immediately notice the resemblance of the Velopetta name with that of the infamous 1956 Brütsch Mopetta.

1956 Brütsch Mopetta

Only a total of 14 of these tiny vehicles were ever produced, and of these only 5 are known to still survive. This resemblance is no accident. The 50cc Mopetta is a major inspiration for the overall design of the Velopetta.

We have now begun to develop our first Velopetta prototype. What we hope to achieve with the Velopetta is:

  • No need for registration as moped, or a drivers licence
  • Light-weight enclosed body with windshield and soft-top
  • Electric-assisted pedal drive, with differential and disc brakes
  • 4 wheels with 4″ wide fat-bike tyres for stability and comfort
  • Leather interior, comfortable adjustable leather seat
  • Beautiful New Zealand native timber trim and dash
  • Decent luggage space, and a bicycle trailer hitch